By Right People.

No more junk solar leads. We provide pre-nurtured booked solar appointments to your calendar every month so you can focus on doing what you do best!

How we do it

Our client acquisition system boils down to 3 Simple Steps
Targeted Advertising

Using database of Meta, we target specific people who have shown interest in solar or roofing needs and present your company before them. By doing that, we eliminate the low reach of using posters/billboards and use the most powerful database in the world for your business. It's a new, untapped opportunity for early adaptors. That's how we make our clients win....

Automated Follow Ups

Using proven follow up system we nurture and convert the leads into booked appointments direct to your calendar.

Fast follow up system with warm leads decreases cost to acquire clients by 17%.

Database Reactivation

We use our DBR (Data-Base Reactivation) system to acquire clients that have inquired with your business but haven't made a sale yet.

Benefits of working with us

We don't offer features that you don't need, we provide results!

No Dry Months

We bring booked appointments every single month, so you don't have to worry about paying your workers from your savings account!

Scale With Predictability

Having a system of generating leads every day, you can scale your business without guessing part and instead using real analytical numbers

Reliable source of Leads

Instead of relying on word of mouth, we provide a reliable system of generating leads so instead of worrying about the next customers, you focus on providing best value to customers we bring.

Who We Are

The team behind your business marketing and growth.

Kaleem Cheema
Founder-Business Growth Manager
Ahmed Ismail
Appointment Setter
Vera Lelie
Operations Manager

Remember! Your Business is already Great

Let's work together and let your customers know that too!